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What is theKit?

theKit is more than a Content Management System, it's a content platform that gives you the tools you need to manage your whole website strategy.
Below you will see just some of theKit's features listed by the different site managers theKit offers. Simply click on the manager's name to get a list of features or click on the "take a tour" button to see an overview of theKit.

Stores: Your products, your way


It's your store and you get to organize it the way you want with the ability to add custom categories.

Custom Shipping

With theKit, shipping is fully customized. You write the shipping rules based on product, order total, order weight and more. Our easy to use process walks you step-by-step through writing a shipping rule. Even update shipping at anytime.

A Cart with Weight

Dealing with shipping isn't all about shipping location. So theKit allows you to assign a weight for your products, allowing you to base shipping on weight.

Digital Products

theKit is digital download ready. You can add a digital product and specify how many downloads are allowed and how long the download link is active.

Featured Products

What do you do with a store home page? You feature products and theKit allows you to feature and update a number of different products on your store home page.

Order Alerts

Don't want to spend all day checking the order report to see if new orders have come in? No problem, just provide an email in your store's configuration and get alerted every time a new order comes in. You can even use this to send the details to your shipping department.

Product Management

Filter your products by category or search by a keyword and get access to common tasks from your report page. Or you can go to the product details to update any of it's information at anytime.


theKit allows you to quickly disable a product to remove it from your store in the case you run out of stock or are having other fulfillment issues, and just as quickly add it back when they are resolved.

Order Reporting

Just like all theKit's other managers, the Store Manager has a robust reporting tool that allows you to get quick reports, build and save complex reports and export data to Excel or CSV files.


TheKit is a hosted platform providing a solution to manage your content from your pages to your relationships to events and registrations to news and much more

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